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Rising released a daily computer virus and Trojan report on April 28

According to the Rising Global Anti-Virus Monitoring Network, there are two viruses that are particularly noteworthy today. They are: "Legend Terminator Variant AFL (Trojan.PSW.LMir.afl)" and "Little Trojan Variant AAC (TrojanDownloader.Win32.Small. aac)" virus. The "Legend Terminator variant AFL" virus can make a variety of domestic anti-virus software unusable, and at the same time steal user information of "Legend" players. "Little Trojan Horse Variant AAC" is a Trojan horse downloading program, which will download the Trojan horse virus from the specified URL to run locally. The downloaded Trojan may steal the user's account, password and other information and send it to the mailbox designated by the hacker.

Top Viruses of the Day:

"Legend Terminator Variant AFL (Trojan.PSW.LMir.afl)" Virus: Vigilance ★★★, Trojan virus, spread through the Internet , Depends on the system: WIN9X/NT/2000/XP.

The virus is written in Delphi and compressed by UPX. After running, copy itself to the system directory, and the file names are "SVCH0ST.EXE", "Objectsl.WIX", etc., and modify the registry to automatically run after booting. The virus will turn off the anti-virus software in the memory and make these software run abnormally. The virus will steal the user name, password, login server, user's area and other information of the "Legend" game player and send it to the mailbox designated by the hacker.

"Small Trojan Variant AAC (TrojanDownloader.Win32.Small.aac)" virus: Vigilance ★★★, Trojan horse virus, spread through the network, dependent system: WIN9X/NT/2000/XP.

After the virus runs, it copies itself to the system directory, and modifies the registry to automatically run after booting. The virus will shut down a variety of anti-virus software, causing these software to not work properly. It will automatically download virus and Trojan files from the website designated by the hacker and run it. These downloaded viruses and Trojan horses may steal personal information such as user accounts and passwords and send them to hackers.

Anti-virus experts recommend: Establish good security habits and do not open suspicious emails and suspicious websites; shut down or delete unnecessary services in the system; many viruses use loopholes to spread, so be sure to patch the system in time ; Install professional anti-virus software for real-time monitoring, and always turn on the real-time monitoring function of the anti-virus software when you are online.

In case of a virus, please call the anti-virus emergency number: 82678800 or visit the Rising Anti-Virus Information Network: http://www.rising.com.cn.

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