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Illegal tools cost less than $11, Nintendo Switch was cracked by hackers across the board

At the end of last year, the doctor shared the article "Never-Stop Cat and Mouse Game, Overseas Hackers Installed a Third-Party Operating System on Switch", about the successful installation of the overseas hacker team "Xecuter" on Switch Lite A third-party operating system SX OS 3.0 is added, and this operating system allows players to install homemade software on the Switch!

The game console is cracked, which will cause a lot of problems. At the same time, the game official cannot allow the existence of pirated games. So the game between the official game console and the cracker, like a cat and mouse game, will never stop. Previously, the Nintendo Switch was cracked, but after the official actively blocked the loopholes, the new version of the Switch has been "safe" for a while. However, just recently, the hacker team claimed that they had cracked all Switch models!

This hacker team is exactly the "Xecuter" mentioned by the doctor above. According to their description on their website, they have made a new breakthrough. They will soon launch two cracking chips, SX Core and SX Lite. The former can crack any Switch, while the latter can only be used to crack Switch Lite.

It is reported that the SX Core and SX Lite cracked chips will be pre-sold online, and the prices are very cheap compared to expensive consoles and console games. They are $10.88 and $9.88 respectively. . After the player installs the cracked chip on the machine, he can run the self-made system to play games, such as some pirated Switch games in ISO format.

In January this year, in the article "Strengthening the Crackdown on Switch Piracy Games, Nintendo's Legal Team Gets Another City" shared with you that Nintendo fell and engaged in piracy games. The businessman "Sergio Moreno", and the illegal chip sold by this businessman came from the hacker organization "Xecuter". As a hacker, the hidden kung fu is first-rate, so Nintendo can only pick up those businessmen who jump out and spread pirated games for profit.

Dr. believes: Although cracking the chip is cheaper than console games, I hope that everyone will not try and support the hacker team. First of all, the behavior of "Xecuter" is illegal in most countries and regions around the world, and there is no quality guarantee for buying their products; secondly, everyone’s own Switch is at risk of "bricking"; finally, once Nintendo finds out, you The account of will always be blacklisted, and network services will not be available.

Of course, the most important thing is that everyone should support the genuine version. With your support, Nintendo will continue to develop creative consoles and console games. Having said that, "Xecuter" is not a general generation. They are a team that specializes in hacking game consoles. They have been studying this matter since the birth of XBOX in 2001. It can be said that they are a very experienced hacker team. This organization has existed for 19 years and is still so "rampant". Why is this?

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