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The first read-write tool NTFS For Mac12 that supports Mac system

Nowadays, many friends like to use Apple computers, so we know that Apple computers cannot read and write NTFS format drives, which include most Windows hard drives! To solve this problem. We can use NTFSforMac. Because with its help, you can create, delete or modify files on any Windows NTFS drive. The barrier between NTFS and HFS+ is easily removed! NTFSForMac12 is the first read and write tool that supports Mac systems!

ntfs for mac icon
Picture 1: ntfsforMac icon

1: NTFSforMac12 high efficiency

NTFSforMac is a very fast application, reaching the native driver The speed of the program, and is the first solution to support Yosemite system. One-click settings can be accessed.

Two: Simple installation and operation

It is so natural for you to access the Windows partition under Mac that you forget what is actually working. It can be installed in a few steps. The operation interface is clear and clear. Just plug in the U disk and you will know how to operate.

Three: Use safely and safely

NTFSforMac provides unimpeded data exchange between Windows and Mac, even under high load. The disk can be encrypted and protected for safe and secure use.

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