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Modify the root password-when you forget the password!

The default root password of the iphone after jailbreak is alpine. This is known even to Martians outside of the earth. People with a little security consciousness will usually change it as soon as possible.

The question is, someone hasn’t used the root password for a long time and forgot, what should I do? Rebrush? No need! Tools: still powerful iFile. Root password file storage location: /etc/master.passwd Open master.passwd with the text editing function of iFile, you will find a line of characters like this-root:UlD3amElwHEpc:0:0::0:0:System Red characters are encryption Change it to ab3z4hnHA5WdU for the previous password, and the corresponding password is abc123. Save and restart. With the password abc123, you can further modify it to other passwords you want!

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