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Talking from the so-called "galactic unicorn"

Recently, I saw a so-called "Galaxy Kylin" operating system on the 863 project site http://www.863.org.cn/863_105/item/item_infotech/200612060004.html, known as "domestic", boasting that it is "The domestic operating system with the highest security level", "the world's first non-Linux kernel operating system certified by the American Free Standards Organization LSB." Yes, it is a non-Linux kernel operating system, but it is a FreeBSD kernel! My dear developers of the National University of Defense Technology, you have lost the face of the descendants of our great People’s Republic of China. Why should we brag? I don't know what the so-called Chinese bulls are researching and developing every day. Probably it is every day wondering how to steal other people's things without being discovered. Anyway, the leader above can’t figure it out, so foolish, right? Ah!

I’ve talked to my friends a long time ago that China’s software road is too deformed. As soon as the Apple computer entered China, everyone began to crack commercial software and share it for everyone to use; until now, a One takes pride in using cracked software. So, no one is willing to spend money on commercial software anymore. It is estimated that 99% of all large and small enterprises use pirated software, and it may also include government agencies.

Moreover, Chinese programmers are really unbelievable. They go to SourceForge to collect free codes every day, and then plagiarize large pieces of them. They don’t even change it, just change the name and do a registration procedure. , It’s packaged as an installation package and released, and placed in the China Shareware Registration Center magnificently, charging the registration fee without changing face and heartbeat. What's more, one program is redesigned and sold as two. Typical examples are the so-called "Flying Catering and Entertainment Management System" and "Xiao Cong Entertainment System". The two so-called software are actually the same system.

Chinese software cannot find originals, only plagiarism and piracy.

There are also the so-called hacking kids who don’t know what hacking spirit is. They think that hacking spirit is only Share (sharing), and they extend Share to mean that all software should be shared publicly for free, what? Thought! Is the software that others worked so hard to make you crack and use it for fun? ! There is no saying in the hacker spirit that all software should be free!

In contrast to foreign countries, from GNU to SourceForge, no one copied other people’s things, and no one shamelessly changed other people’s programs. Even if they use other people’s things, they will be in the open source code. The notes explain the source, and why don’t the Chinese have such a mentality?

I also thought of the Shuimu ban incident some time ago. The official explanation was "avoid information leakage"! Really shameless, you can go abroad to find other people's things, but others can't find yours? A friend said in a post: I'm looking for smart robots abroad, and I can find drawings, but on Chinese websites, all I can find are advertisements. Such a network is actually afraid of information leakage?

Since the beginning of Chinese software, there is neither open source nor free. Even if there is a good free software, in the end, it still has to go to the commercial road. This is a very helpless thing. I don’t know if this is determined by China’s national conditions. I only know that this group is still a bitch. How shameless the guys who want to set up the archway are! What a jerk!

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