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Alternative system experience Use SkyOS as your operating system

Sky OS, a desktop operating system that is neither based on Windows nor Unix is ​​available today.

   Since the WindUI department, a department involving SkyOS’s new graphical interface, began to accelerate the development process, the Sky OS now supports transparent images, 32-bit PNG icons, and a robust system. Now the system has an interface similar to Microsoft's operating system style.

  SkyOS has the multi-processor support, virtual memory, multi-tasking and multi-threading required by modern operating systems. What's more refreshing is its beautiful GUI system SkyGI. The first SkyOS system was released at the end of 1997. Its two main developers, Robert Szeleney and Kelly Rush, were born in 1980 and 1981, respectively. The SkyOS operating system is not open source, it is charged and users can not get it freely (versions before 3.0 are free), you need to pay 30 US dollars to get it on its website. Now, The SkyOS team has released a new version of SkyOS Beta Build 6179. The latest version supports USB, and features are still being added. However, it does not have a Chinese version, only an English version, and it is FOR X86. Let's take a look together:


Figure 1 Start Screen

   Graphical User Interface:

  SkyOS Graphical User Interface is quite flexible and powerful, it supports theming and skinning.

   It also supports : Transparent window, rounded corner window, window shadow...


Figure 2 Graphical interface, and you can edit 3D graphics

  File system:

  The local file system of SkyOS is SkyFS. The 64-bit journaled file system supports modern features such as attributes, indexes, and queries. At the same time it also supports the following other file systems: FAT12/16/32, BFS (the file system used by BeOS), Ext2/Ext3 (the file system used by linux) and ISO9660 (CD-ROM).

Internationalization, localization and translation:

  The entire graphical interface and kernel of skyos support UTF-8. So you can browse or input English in skyos, German and even Chinese.

   Its built-in translation system allows you to easily translate any application into other languages.

   is currently available in English and German (meaning we have to translate it ourselves if we want Chinese).


  Skyos supports the entire TCP/IP stack. This TCP/IP stack implements the required protocols at each layer, such as Ethernet, IP, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP and a Berkeley compatible socket interface.


  Using skyos, you can play various videos and DVDs, and you can also play CDs and MP3s.


Figure 3 Play video

< P align=center>Internet:

  You can use its browser SkyKruzer to browse the Internet and download files (note: there seems to be firefox). You can also use the real-time chat system Gaim to chat, use zilla Thunderbird 1.0 to manage emails, newsgroups and RSS feeds, and use Nvu to develop your own website. Using SkyOS VNC Server and Client, you can remotely control your SkyOS machine via the Internet.


4 browse the web


Figure 5 Processing text

More User system:

  SkyOS is also a multi-user operating system. The core of its security processing is "Security Context". Each file and process combines a security content. This content defines and manages the possible permissions of all processes and files. The permissions themselves are extendable and unlimited, and all permissions are assigned to the so-called "ACESS_GROUPS". For example:


   GROUP: SYSTEM RIGHT: Execute processes

   GROUP: SYSTEM RIGHT: Create threads




Figure 6 Login interface


Figure 7 User control panel, no worse than WINDOWS!

  Available software:

   In short, it seems that there are quite a few Oh, haha.

   For example, the popular ones are:

  - AbiWord (word processing software, those who are familiar with linux should know)-GIMP (known as photoshop under linux, free and powerful graphics processing software) )

  - GTK  (gimp tool kit, originally a development library written for the development of gimp, is now widely used in Linux, BSD, etc., the famous desktop management environment GNOME was developed with it)< /P>

  - SkyKruzer (KHTML-based web browsing)

  - GNU Compiler collection (GNU Compiler collection, hoho, the best and most powerful free in history-no fear of free Someone raised the bar with me, and personally thinks that there is no need to add-a collection of compilers GCC!!)

  - Bochs (a kind of virtual computer software, such as VMware, which has various platform versions)< /P>

  - Perl (interpreted scripting language)

  - SDL (a multimedia development library, I don’t know the details)

  - Quake I/II (Thor's Hammer)

  - VideoLan

  - SkyDeveloperStudio

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