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The interesting backup function of the new Mac operating system allows users to go back in time

Apple’s new version of the Mac OS X operating system will add a new feature that will allow users to travel through time and return to the past as described in the "Back to the Future" movie.  

   But this time the goal is to prevent the universe from changing during the retrospect of time, because the old photos of family reunions cannot be found in the hard disk in the past.   

   When Apple uses Time Machine to allow users to go back in time, there is no need to use plutonium elements, just an additional hard drive.

   Apple’s Vice President of Platform Experience Scott Fausto introduced Leopard’s backup feature at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, saying that Apple users can search for the last time they used Leopard. The result is saved as a file, a picture or other file and saved in their computer.  

   Fausto said that only about a quarter of Mac users will back up their files, and only 4% use the automatic backup feature. Apple users using Time Machine will easily set up the automatic backup function and restore it when needed.  

   Judging from the reactions of the audience at the conference, the Apple developers participating in the conference were very interested in the user interface of the time machine function. If users can’t find a file using Apple’s Finder search function, they can press the Time Machine button to bring up a series of extended windows and go back in time to find the file they need. Each window represents a certain time of the day or a fixed time period. The user can search in the past files, and the current search time period or time point will be synchronously displayed on the screen.

   After Apple’s Mac OS X operating system development supervisor Brian Kroll delivered a keynote speech at the conference, he introduced in an interview that this software can convert different versions of the same file The changes between the files are saved. Once you find the last saved version of the required file, you can restore it to the main window of the Finder program with a single click of the mouse.

   Kroll said: “Users want this process to be done automatically.” He said that after collecting a large number of users’ opinions on the backup function in the Mac OS X operating system, Apple finally rushed to This time machine software was developed in time before the developer conference.  

   Kroll said that if users want to use Time Machine, they must purchase a separate HFS compatible non-bootable hard drive. The four hard drives compatible with laptops, iMac-compatible external hard drives, or the latest Mac Pro desktop computers can all be used as independent hard drives when using Time Machine.

   Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gattenberg said that during Monday’s preview of Leopard, the time machine may be the largest end-user feature Apple has shown. Jupiter's research found that as more and more content is stored on the Internet, computer users no longer back up their files, even files that are not backed up on the server are no exception. He said: "This has laid the roots of the disaster in the future."

  Gattenberg pointed out that Microsoft and other vendors have also developed automatic backup software, but Apple hopes to be here. It’s more interesting.

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