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Install FreeBSD operating system by hand

1. Preparations before installation (Minimum installation of FreeBSD5.4)

1. FreeBSD5.4 installation disk

You must Have FreeBSD5.4 ISO file (that is, 5.4-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso and the second disk 5.4-RELEASE-i386-disc2.iso will be used in the following study). If not, please go to ftp.freebsdchina.org or other FTP to download

2. For novices, I still recommend to read the FreeBSD manual before starting to learn FreeBSD theory. It is very important.

2. Formal installation

The first step is to boot from the CD

Set your server to boot from the CD and use the default installation method. After 10 seconds, the system will install from 1.Boot FreeBSD[default] with the default options by default. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can press Enter to confirm directly.

FreeBsd CD boot screen (Picture 1)

(Picture 2)

The second step sysinstall interface

   will enter the self-check after confirmation, and then enter a simple and practical graphical installation interface of sysinstall. The second Standard is the standard installation. Beginners often use this, and the general tutorial also introduces the installation first, and when choosing the installation, you will choose ALL. Because we are a minimal installation, we choose the fourth custom installation method (under Expree) and then we will enter the custom installation interface.

The third step is to allocate hard disk space

    select the third option 3 Partition for disk allocation
Press A to assign automatically, press Q to complete and return

The first one will ask you to press the shortcut key to select the operating system you need. I tried it. If there is no other bootloader, the third one will not work, and I think if there are other operating systems, you must After some settings, FreeBSD can choose to start normally.

The fourth step of partitioning

Select the 4 Label step to partition, press the A key in the same way, and then press Q to complete the automatic partitioning and return. Automatic partitioning will divide the hard disk into five areas: root directory/, swap /var /tmp /usr

The fifth step of custom installation:

First select 5 Distribution and enter the next First level

Then choose Minimal to minimize installation

Step 6 Choose installation medium

     Enter 5 Media, we choose CD/DVD (you can also try to use FTP and other Way to install)

Step 7 Submit for installation

Select OK to go back Select Commit at the upper level to confirm installation

The eighth step of installation and confirmation

Confirm the installation, but if it is a multi-system installation If so, please save your important data first.

Because it is a minimal installation, the installation is very fast. After the installation is complete, you will be asked if you want to make some changes. Choose No.

Step 9 restart

After choosing No, cancel all the way, go to the sysinstall interface, and then select Exit Install, a dialog box pops up to prompt you to remove the CD installation disk, and select YES to restart the computer

The tenth step login interface

If the login interface appears after restarting, then congratulations, a FreeBSD5.4 The minimal installation is successful. Enter the administrator account root to enter and use FreeBSD. The password is empty by default.

At this point, FreeBSSD5.4 Unix server operating system is also completed, then the rest is to set up your server and configure related applications.

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