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UNIX Host Security Management System

Abstract The host-based security system is the main method to protect the secret-related single computer. This article introduces the design and implementation of a UNIX host-based security management system, and gives the overall idea and structure. Keyword: host security UNIX system access control
1. System prototype structure 1. System design goal 2. System design principle 3. System overall module structure diagram

Figure 1 The overall structure of the system 4. Module description (4) Management body (MA): the same host as the database, and the CGI running on the local WEB server The program connects through the socket, accesses the database at the same time, and communicates with each TSA through the socket. Receive the configuration modification sent by CGI, distribute the modified configuration file from the database to TSA, and receive the data, data request, and report sent by TSA. 2. User access control

Figure 2 User access control process

The security management system introduces a list of permissions to strengthen the management, control and audit of users. The user access control process is shown in Figure 2

3. Policy-based security management system4. Development platform and tool references


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