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Currently the easiest way to install mac os x


Don't talk nonsense, go directly to the topic. The MacOSXx86 circulated on the Internet is a development kit provided by Apple, which can run on an x86 system equipped with a specific TPM. At present, there are two more downloads, one is the installation disk of MacOSXIntelDevelopEdition, the size is about 2.4G, installation It is more cumbersome and requires the help of vmware to install successfully. The other version is the image of the successfully installed and cracked version on VmWare. The size is about 1.9G. After decompression, it is about 6G, which is also the version I installed.

Now I will show you how to install the 1.9G Vmware image to the local hard disk of your PC.

Before you try to install, you need to have the following conditions:

1, an x86PC, the CPU must support SSE, SSE2, and SSE3. If SSE3 is not supported, you can install it, but after the installation, iTunes and DVDPlayer cannot work normally, and other system functions are in normal use;

2, you need to have two hard drives (it can be a mobile hard drive, mirroring The version can only be installed on a separate hard disk, if you have a DVD burner and other equipment, the key is to extract the image to a separate hard disk) and have more than 12G of space;

3 , The following software is recommended during the installation process:




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Commercial software, find it yourself


I guess everyone has

Super simple installation steps:

1. Decompress the downloaded Tiger-x86.tar.bz2 to get the tiger-x86-flat.img file (5.99G), which is on my P41.8 It took about 30 minutes;

2. Connect the hard disk that is going to install the MacOSX system into the system, and use AcronisDiskDirectorSuite to delete all the original partitions, but do not re-create the partitions (I installed all the partitions after creating partitions several times. If MBRerror fails to start, you may be able to solve it by creating a logical partition at the back of the disk and reserving a large unallocated space in the front. However, due to time issues, I did not try it. If you are interested, you can try this idea. );

3. Unzip the downloaded ddforwindows3.0 to get dd.exe and other files, run cmd to enter the command prompt environment, and enter the following command


You will get a list of all disks connected to the WinXP system, in the format "\\?\Device\HarddiskX\*", X represents the number of your hard disk, generally your system master disk Is Harddisk0, the second hard disk is Harddisk1, * represents the partition of the hard disk, where DR0 represents MBR, Partition1, 2 etc. respectively represent the partitions on the hard disk. Below we assume that you are going to install MacOSX on the second hard disk, namely Harddisk1;

4, still in the command prompt environment, enter


Be careful not to make a mistake in the hard disk number, otherwise the wrong hard disk will be of no help

About 10 minutes, the entire image file is written.

5. Shut down, set the hard disk that has been installed in MacOSX as the main disk, start it, and you can See the gorgeous MacOSX system

How about it, it's easy! However, the system installed in this way is not optimized for your machine configuration, so the running speed is unknown. Anyway, it runs a bit depressed on my P41.8G/512M/GF4go420/32M machine, but according to foreign forums Some netizens said that this version of OSX runs quite smoothly on mid-range Centrino machines, and some netizens have installed Firefox, office and other tools for their machines, ready to be used as the main system.

There are screenshots of my MacOSX in my MSNSPACE album. The name of the picture is a brief description of how to use it. It was taken with a mobile phone. I will bring you a clear picture later if I have dc on hand.

Note: Several interesting things were discovered during the installation process:

1. If you use the xp disk management function to partition the new hard disk, then open it with AcronisDiskDirectorSuit, You will find an unallocated space of about 7M;

2. My mobile hard disk has two interfaces: u2.0 and 1394. When filling the image, I found that if the 1394 interface is used, the dd tool will report CRC. The error cannot be filled, and Acronis cannot recognize the partition of the 1394 hard disk. Although the partition is divided by the xp disk management function, acronis will report that all the space is unallocated, but the xp reads and writes to the hard disk are normal.

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