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A complete solution for building a PXE-based Windows 2000 diskless terminal network (complete project)

Article author: Bing Xue Feng Qing [EST] (Lin Lin), Bideyore [EST] (Bai Yu), Etern4lCn [EST] (Dou Sheng)
Source: Evil Octal Information Security Team (www.eviloctal.com) )

Note: This article can be copied and copied at will, but this project is made for Guilin Xiaocao Software Company. According to the laws of our country, please keep the original authors' signatures and team copyrights to maintain the integrity of the article.

I searched the information some time ago and found that the solutions on the formation of diskless networks on the Internet are not very detailed and not perfect. I only saw the member of the hacker base, the witch MM, wrote one, but I always feel that it is not complete.
The article written by Witch’s Condition is here "Diskless Workstation Construction"
If you want to search for more information about this in the evil octal system, please click here
In order to exercise the evil octal team project cooperation ability while aiming at the blank direction of the complete information, during the summer vacation, I started with some members of evil octal and finally completed the "PXE-based Windows 2000 diskless terminal network construction complete solution. "The whole project...

We believe that it is necessary to write some professional and detailed information for the network and publish it for free because we are the evil octal network that nurtures us and we return the network.

The reason for looking for Bide and the rogue bean Bide's English and protocol knowledge is that the long item rogue bean is good at doing software evaluation and the three of us are in the same class and the two of them are in the same dormitory...
So, after purchasing hardware video capture reference materials, planning the project, multiple computers in the dormitory, joint networking testing, local virtual machine testing and other tedious tasks have finally completed this complete picture-text multi-document "based on PXE's Windows 2000 Diskless Terminal Network Construction Complete Solution Project
Although there are many shortcomings, after all, it is the first time that the team members have collaborated on a project since the establishment of the team, but the success is also remarkable. ..

I have said before that this is a project, so it also contains documents such as meeting minutes package, protocol analysis package, service analysis package and project summary, etc...
< br/>However, the final solution can only be disclosed to the outside world. The detailed other documents will be sorted out and uploaded to the conference center in a few days. Other members and consultants are invited to criticize. The main purpose is to exercise the team’s multi-arm cooperative combat capability for future projects. Laying the foundation...

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