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The first virus to cross Winodws/Linux platform appeared!

Some virus authors have developed malware samples that can infect both Windows and Linux systems.

   This proof-of-concept malware called Virus.Linux.Bi.a/Virus.Win32.Bi.a has been submitted to Kaspersky, a Russian anti-virus software developer. On Friday, Baschi revealed on its homepage that the virus was written in a low-level language like compilation, and its threat is limited, and it can only infect files in the current directory. However, it can infect the file formats used by Linux and Windows-ELF and PE, respectively.

   Kaspersky said that this virus is a typical proof-of-concept code, written to prove that it is possible to create a cross-platform virus.

   Although the current virus is not very lethal, according to Kaspersky’s past experience, once a proof-of-concept code is released, other virus authors will immediately borrow and make improvements. Swa Frantzen, who monitors cyber threats at the SANS Internet Storm Center, expressed concern. He said that the current proof-of-concept code threat is relatively small, but this sign indicates that future viruses will develop in the direction of cross-platform.

   Kaspersky has added the characteristics of this virus to its virus database.

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