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WinZIP can also scan system viruses

Few people know that WinZip can also scan for viruses. As a compression software, WinZip can indeed remove viruses from computers. Using this function, WinZip can scan the relevant compressed files before the virus launches an attack on your system, and give an alarm for the poisonous situation. If it is the first time for us to use the virus scanning function in WinZip, we must first let WinZip know the location of the virus scanning program installed in the machine. After entering the WinZip Classic interface, use the mouse to click the "Actions"/"Virus Scan" command in turn, and then the system will pop up a dialog box asking if you want to specify an antivirus software as the WinZip virus scanning program, use the mouse to select "yes" ", Then the program will open the "Configuration" dialog box, click the browse button in the interface, and select the executable file in the antivirus software to be used for virus scanning in the opened dialog box. After completing the above settings, we can use WinZip to scan for viruses. If a virus is found during the scanning process, a warning or message dialog box will pop up to remind us to quickly perform antivirus work.

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