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Super penetrating power to break through your "shell"

All things must have a place to live. The viruses and Trojan horses we hate are no exception. They cunningly hide in "shells" waiting for people to visit. Once they are excited, they will be out of control. Maybe many netizens are still very vague about the concept of program packing. First of all, let me give you a brief introduction to what a shell is. "In nature, plants use shells to protect seeds, and animals use shells to protect their bodies. Similarly, in some computer software, there is also a program specifically responsible for protecting the software from illegal modification or decompilation. They are generally run before the program. , Get the control right, and then complete their task of protecting the software" (quoting the explanation of the concept of the shell in the second edition of "Encryption and Decryption" edited by Mr. Duan Gang). Now more and more programs are protected by shelling. The purpose of shelling the program is to achieve the purpose of compressing the software, and to protect the program from being illegally modified or decompiled. However, current virus makers use the packer technology for viruses, which makes it more difficult for anti-virus software to detect and kill viruses. A popular virus can be checked and killed by anti-virus software, but after the virus is shelled, the anti-virus software may not be able to check and kill it. If the anti-virus software cannot detect the virus, then the virus's destruction goal has been achieved. Therefore, to judge the anti-virus ability of an anti-virus software, its shell-killing ability is very important! After years of collecting detailed information on various shells and researching and developing various shells, Guanghua anti-virus software can detect and kill more than 2,000 kinds of shells. Its ability to kill shells is in a leading position among all anti-virus software. The following is a random collection of some common shells to evaluate the killing ability of Guanghua anti-virus software: UPXASPackASProtectKryptonPELockPECompactyoda's Protec kill. Of course, I just listed a few. The shells that Guanghua anti-virus software can detect and kill are far more than these. If an anti-virus software does not even recognize commonly used shells, it is a terrible thing. For example, a Trojan horse client program, hackers use commonly used shells to add shells to the program to make your anti-virus software unrecognizable, so as to achieve its purpose of stealing data. And some anti-virus software did not reflect at all, and it is not clear that your own information has been stolen, which is very sad. The stronger the anti-virus software's ability to recognize the shell, the smaller the chance of the virus. This increases the difficulty for virus authors to use the virus to destroy. Of course, in addition to shelling the virus, the virus author will also modify the virus signature to avoid being identified by anti-virus software without being checked and killed. This requires that the virus signature database of the anti-virus software is large enough. After more than ten years of accumulation, Guanghua anti-virus software has continuously collected virus samples and continuously expanded the virus signature database. The virus database samples have increased from more than 160,000 when it was launched at the beginning of this year to more than 180,000 now, becoming a worldwide Antivirus software with the largest antivirus category. At present, Guanghua anti-virus software can check and kill more than 130,000 known viruses, and more than 50,000 harmful data of Trojan horses and backdoors. It can remove more than 2,000 species of shells, and the investigation and handling of unknown viruses has reached more than 90%. The "shell" protects the "seed" from harm and plays a protective role for it. Some viruses hide in the "shell" cunningly, waiting for opportunities to attack computer systems and computer hardware. Only by penetrating the "shell" and strangling them in the cradle can losses be avoided. Viruses and Trojan horses are very harmful. They are often inadvertently flown in and unintentionally activated. Therefore, preventing problems before they occur is to find and eliminate them before they are activated. Guanghua anti-virus software has taken the lead in increasing the number of broken "shells" to more than 2,000 types with the most advanced technology, promptly reminding viruses when they are found, and completely eliminating the trouble of finding viruses in "shells". In line with the tenet of "technology makes life happier, technology makes us safer", Guanghua anti-virus software serves the public with firm beliefs and creates a strong line of information security for users to ensure network information security. Log in to the official website (http://www.viruschina.com) to learn more, and download a free trial version to immediately start experiencing the magical and super antivirus capabilities of Guanghua Anti-Virus.

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