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Quickly remove viruses from burned disks

Not long ago, I carved 100 data disks for my friend, each 40MB. But within a few days, my friend came to me and said that the "famous" CIH virus was engraved into the CD. What should I do? I don't need all the hard-working CDs? This is a heavy loss. Is there a way to eliminate the virus on the burned disk? After some attempts, I finally found a way to remove the virus on the burned disk.

   In fact, the principle is very simple, and the implementation process is not troublesome. It uses the multi-segment burning function provided by the software Adaptec Easy CD Creator that comes with the burner.

   Step 1: Copy the data on the infected CD to a temporary folder on the hard disk, such as Temp (in fact, you don’t need to copy all the files on the CD to the hard disk, just copy *.exe executable file can be copied, because other files are not infected with viruses);

   Step 2: Use a clean boot disk to restart the machine, and use anti-virus software to kill the virus in the system Clean, then take out all floppy disks and CDs;

   Step 3: Restart the system, at this time, turn off the "Auto Insert Notification" function of the system CD-ROM drive, that is, in the CD-ROM properties of the system properties Modify it, remove the check in the radio box before "Automatically insert notice" in the setting options, and restart the machine. Because the automatic operation of the software in the CD may cause your system to be infected with the virus again;

   Step 4: Start Adaptec Easy CD Creator, insert a poisonous recording disk, and save the virus-containing files Delete (usually the executable file of *.exe);

   Step 5: Re-add the data in the Temp folder, and make the CD again, there is generally no virus in the CD at this time 了;

   Step 6: Don’t forget to check the last step, which is to use anti-virus software to check if there are any viruses on the CD.


  ★ In addition to Easy CD, you can also use other multi-session recording software such as Nero to perform the above work.

  ★To track the recorded content on the disc that has already been burned, you must remember not to choose to finalize (or finalize) the disc when the recording is completed, otherwise you cannot write to it next time.

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