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QQ virus National Day warning announcement

On the occasion of the National Day approaching, in order to ensure the safety of 400 million QQ users, the "QQ Security Center" jointly created by Kingsoft and Tencent issued warning information about the QQ virus during the National Day holiday, and the "QQ Security Center" reminded users: Bookworm (Troj.QQmsgbook), QQ Allah Robber (Troj.QQRobber), QQ Show (Troj.QQshow), due to its rapid mutation and strong concealment, may be hidden in greeting cards, congratulatory letters and other information during the National Day holiday to lure users to poison Please take precautions in advance during the National Day to avoid unnecessary losses to yourself.

Bookworm (Troj.Qqmsgbook)

This virus is a Trojan horse spread through QQ. When a user chats with a friend, the virus will force a message to be sent to other friends, inducing others to download and run. The virus will also modify the user's homepage, copy multiple samples and store them in different directories, and add startup items, which will cause inconvenience and misunderstandings to QQ users. The attached files are very tempting and keep up with the trend. They mutate quickly. They will show up on major festivals and hot news. During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the bookworm virus took advantage of the opportunity of people to congratulate the happy holidays through QQ, spreading in large numbers, leading to Many QQ users suffered losses due to poisoning.

QQ Robber (Troj.QQRobber)

This is a Trojan virus that spreads through group emails sent by Trojan horse growers. It is mainly through e-mails and highly tempting links in forums that cause users to be fooled. After the user runs by mistake, the virus will steal the user's QQ account and send it to the Trojan planter. The hot "Super Girl Voice" is being used as a spreading bridge by "QQ Allah Thieves".

QQ Show (Troj.Qqshow)

The QQ show launched by Tencent has always been loved by many fashionable men and women, and is therefore used by virus makers. The virus attracts QQ users' attention and clicks by sending the information of the "QQ Show" plug-in to the user, and then the virus will send the QQ user's information to the virus maker in the form of an email.

According to Kingsoft anti-virus experts, QQ virus mainly refers to viruses such as worms that achieve the purpose of spreading by automatically sending malicious messages or their own files to the contacts of QQ users. Based on the characteristics of the QQ virus in recent years, it can be seen that this type of virus often uses popular events, people and users' curiosity about certain things and websites to deliberately dress up to lure people into fools and achieve the purpose of spread. In addition, this kind of virus changes rapidly, and new viruses will appear at any time, making people hard to guard against.

According to the characteristics of QQ virus, "QQ Security Center" reminds users:

1. Pay attention to regularly upgrade anti-virus software to the latest version, develop good security habits, and monitor some major Programs are frequently opened, such as mail monitoring, memory monitoring, etc., and report problems in time, so as to truly protect the security of the computer.
  2. Do not open links sent by strangers at will, links sent by friends or files sent, you must confirm them before you can open or receive them.
  3. When surfing the Internet, don't easily browse those posts or website links that are highly tempting.

In addition to providing users with the latest QQ virus information and free QQ virus killing tools, "QQ Security Center" has also set up an online system quarantine section for many QQ users. QQ users can go to " “QQ Security Center” website conducts free system quarantine to predict in advance whether there is a problem with their computer security; in addition, a QQ virus report column will be established on the “QQ Security Center” website, and users can transmit suspicious virus information to Jinshan at any time through a dedicated interface. After the analysis by Kingsoft’s anti-virus experts, the analysis results will be fed back to the virus information channel as soon as possible, realizing timely interaction with QQ users. At the same time, Tencent is also widely using the anti-virus technology and services of the “QQ Security Center” in another instant messaging softwareTM designed for business professionals.

"QQ Security Center" will regularly release virus warning information for QQ users. As a commonly used communication tool, QQ has a very high demand for security. Kingsoft and Tencent issued targeted virus warning messages, which are the first among domestic anti-virus manufacturers and IM service providers. In this way, it will play a precautionary role for the computer security of a large number of QQ users, and create a safe communication and exchange environment for users.

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