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The new version of QQ "carrying a virus" sparks controversy

The QQ2005 beta3 version that Tencent has just launched is putting itself into an awkward situation.
In the forums of some technology websites in the past two days, whether QQ2005 beta3 carries a major virus is becoming the focus of debate among netizens. Although Tencent issued an emergency statement to defend itself, some virus experts also urgently came forward to clarify, but the bottom line issue of competition among Internet companies caused by it has also caused the industry to reflect.
The new version has virus characteristics?
All controversies in the industry stem from a "dynamic file name" technology claimed by Tencent.
It is understood that during the installation of this new version of QQ, in addition to the files that are normally used by QQ, 4 additional virus files will be generated; at the same time, an independent QQ startup item will be added to the system registry. The virus can use a variety of methods to hide and protect itself, and make it impossible for users to delete it manually; the virus will also upgrade itself; the most terrifying thing is that the virus will still exist in the user’s In the machine, it cannot be completely removed.
As a result, some technicians came to the conclusion from these characteristics: This program has all the characteristics of the virus such as self-hiding, self-transforming, self-protection, rapid spread, intercepting user input, and quietly upgrading.
Tencent Urgent Clarification
The clarification and statement on security issued by Tencent in the first time. Tencent attaches great importance to product safety. All official software has been strictly tested before release and will not carry any viruses. program. At the same time, Tencent explained that they added the newly launched "QQ Address Bar Search" plug-in to the Tencent QQ 2005 Beta3 installer. The plug-in function is to enhance the address bar search function. Users can choose whether to install and completely uninstall the plug-in. Plug-in, the new program found by the user during the installation of QQ 2005 Beta3 is the plug-in. This program will not collect any user personal information; it will not infringe any user's interests; it will not modify any user safety data, so users can use it with confidence.
Cheng Fang of Tencent’s Public Relations Department also repeatedly emphasized to reporters that the article on some websites and forums questioning the security of the latest version of Tencent’s QQ software contained serious misreports.
The bottom line of competition
In fact, behind the virus controversy, there is a more complicated reason, which is competition among enterprises.
Tencent’s newly launched "QQ Address Bar Search" is the "culprit" that caused this controversy. Since the fight for the address bar has been around for a long time, companies are using various technical means to secretly attack their opponents. A related field expert said that the technology that Tencent is accused of being a virus is nothing more than a technical means to compete for the address bar. However, he broke through the bottom line of technical competition to a certain extent. If all companies adopt similar technologies, hundreds of millions of netizens will be infringed.
However, some virus experts have also come forward to call out grievances for Tencent. The prompts that appear when users install QQ are not virus messages, but only some information that prompts users to modify the registry by software, which are very common prompts. There will be no consequences similar to the virus outbreak that some netizens worry about affecting Internet use, which is fundamentally different from virus software.

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