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August virus rankings released: Netsky returns to the top position

In the recent August ranking of the virus survey, the old-fashioned virus, Netsky.P, returned to the number one position, accounting for approximately 15% of the total number of viruses.

This survey conducted by antivirus company Sophos shows that although Netsky.P virus continues to rise, from 14% in July to the top of the list in August, the built-in worm Mytob is still threatening user safety everywhere. , Accounting for 7 of the top 10 viruses, and accounting for more than half of all virus rankings.

Although the Zotob worm has successfully invaded a large number of media organizations, including the Financial Times and the New York Times, although this virus also incorporates the Mytob source code, it has not yet entered the top 10 rankings.

According to the Sophos report, the number of viruses carried through emails has decreased, from one in every 38 emails in May to one in every 50 emails in August.

Carole Theriault, a security consultant at Sophos, explained that this decline is not because the virus author is on vacation, but because the virus victim is on vacation. Since August is a popular holiday month, the microcomputers in homes and companies may not be turned on for several weeks during this period, so naturally there is no virus attack.

August Virus Ranking

1. Netsky.P 14.7%

2. Mytob.AS 7.9%

3. Mytob.BE 7.2%

4. Zafi.D 3.6%

5. Zafi.B 2.9%

6. Mytob.C 2.8%

6. Mytob.EP 2.8%

8. Mytob.CX 2.7%

9. Netsky.D 2.5%

10. Mytob.CJ 2.4%

Other: 49.5%

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