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Super virus can automatically multiply, security vendors will face severe challenges

Recently, a super virus "Jones (I-Worm.Jeans.a)" that can reproduce automatically has attracted strong attention from anti-virus experts. The experts believe that a new and very difficult virus will appear soon. Rising anti-virus expert Cai Jun said that after the "Jones" virus infects a computer, it will automatically generate a number of new viruses with unfixed characteristics and different forms of destruction.

   This new virus is like a monster in a science fiction movie. It is a real living creature that not only replicates and spreads itself, but also generates a completely different next generation in the body of the infected computer.

   Cai Jun said that the current anti-virus software mainly relies on manual analysis of the virus's own signature, and then the signature is added to the anti-virus software's virus database, so as to achieve a thorough detection and killing of the virus. In theory, viruses like "Jones" can automatically generate hundreds of new viruses with different characteristics. Therefore, with the current solutions, anti-virus engineers simply do not have the time and energy to analyze the signatures of these new viruses in detail.

   The "Jones" virus was written by the notorious foreign virus manufacturing organization 29A, and then they sent the samples to major anti-virus vendors to show off their technology and challenge security vendors. 29A has previously written a number of "leading trend" concept viruses, such as the world's first mobile phone virus "Worm.Symbian.Cabir.a", the first 64-bit virus "Killer 64" and so on.

   At present, the "Jones" virus is only analyzed and researched by 29A and anti-virus companies. The source code has not been leaked to the Internet, and it has not really affected ordinary computer users. According to the analysis of Rising anti-virus experts, this type of virus is unlikely to spread on a large scale in the current network environment. The source code generated by the "Jones" virus is dozens of times larger than the existing virus, so it is difficult to transmit on the current network. Spread at speed.

   Rising anti-virus experts further stated that whether a virus can cause serious harm to users is restricted by people’s security awareness, network security environment and other factors in addition to writing technology. For example, samples of the "Jones" virus are mainly distributed through e-mails, and people only need to pay attention not to run the attachments carried by suspicious e-mails, the virus cannot invade the user's computer at all, let alone multiply the next generation in the user's computer.

   In addition, the reporter also learned that Rising has conducted a number of cutting-edge researches on concept viruses like "Jones" and "Killer 64", such as unknown virus behavior judgment technology, virtual machine technology, etc. . Once a new virus appears, the anti-virus software will be adjusted accordingly in structure and design. In the not-too-distant future, anti-virus software will become a new type of software with simultaneous killing and defense, three-dimensional defense, and intelligent analysis of virus behavior, so as to better protect the safety of computer users.

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