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Watch out for 3 kinds of supergirl video virus Trojan

Starting this week, computer users should be more vigilant against the two viruses named "liar" and "prank". In addition, the "fans" of "Super Girl" should be careful to be infected with the "Trojan Horse" virus when downloading.

The "liar" virus generates virus files in the computer's system directory, which can enter the infected machine without authorization. It also has a worm-like function. It enters the share through a password and uses different Software vulnerabilities are propagated; it can also accept commands from remote controllers to perform denial of service attacks on specified addresses. The "prank" virus will pop up a window titled "Notepad reminds you:" from time to time, and try to copy itself to the U disk when it is running.

With the end of the "Super Girl" finals, relevant video materials have once again become a hot spot on the Internet. It is reported that nearly 45% of the download links related to "Supergirl" on the Internet carry the "Trojan Horse" virus. It is recommended that "fans" do not randomly download related videos on the forum.

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