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Internet Dictionary: Computer Virus

Computer virus is different from the biological virus in medicine. It is actually a kind of computer program, but this kind of program is quite special. It is specially designed to mess up and destroy people. It is parasitic on other people. In the file, and it will constantly copy itself and infect other files, which is not good at all.

  What are the symptoms of a computer virus outbreak? After a computer is infected with a virus, it is difficult to detect if it does not occur. But when a virus strikes, it’s easy to feel it:

   Sometimes the computer will work abnormally, sometimes it will freeze inexplicably, sometimes it will restart suddenly, and sometimes the program will simply not run.

  After the computer was infected with the virus, it showed as: working abnormally, crashing inexplicably, restarting suddenly, and the program can't run.

   When a virus attacks, it will rain when the screen is full, some caterpillars will appear on the screen, and even dialog boxes will appear on the screen. These viruses usually destroy files when they attack, which is very dangerous. Anyway, as long as the computer is not working properly, it may be infected with a virus. The harm caused by the virus is self-evident.

   Also, people used to think that viruses can only destroy software and have nothing to do with hardware, but the CIH virus broke this myth because it can destroy hardware under certain circumstances!

   Computer virus, like other programs, is also written by people. Since the virus is also a human-made program, there will be ways to deal with it. The most important thing is to take various safety measures to prevent viruses and not to give viruses a chance. In addition, it is to use various anti-virus programs. They can kill the virus and remove it from the computer.

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