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"Lila" virus breaks out this week, users should take precautions


   Xinhuanet, Tianjin, September 4 (Liang Hong Zhang Jianxin) On the 4th, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center released the following computer viruses that will regularly occur within a week from the 5th to the 11th:

  Virus name: "Lila" (WormLivra.A) Virus type: Worm

  Onset date: September 11

  Expert reminder:

  ——Many viruses have both Trojan horse functions, so after being infected by this type of virus, some personal information of the infected user is likely to have been leaked. The information is appropriately modified to ensure safety. This information includes the user name, password, email password, QQ password for logging in to the network, and some application software, such as online banking account, password and other important information. And note that the password setting is relatively complicated, and it is recommended to have more than 8 characters.

  ——remind the majority of computer users to upgrade anti-virus software, start "real-time monitoring" and "personal firewall", and do a good job of prevention. ——Due to the distinctive features of the mail virus, the body of the message is empty or has a short English, and contains a poisonous attachment. Users are also requested to understand the basic characteristics of virus emails and handle them carefully, especially for email attachments, do not run it casually.

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