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How to solve the DDoS attack of the switch

For Internet cafe owners, it can be said that the talk about viruses has changed. Friends who have experience in Internet cafes or computer room management must know that viruses in machines are very troublesome, especially DDoS attacks on intranet servers and DDoS attacks on switches. Directly affect the security issues of the Internet cafe network, share the methods to solve this problem.

1, on PC Install filtering software

It is the same as ARP defense software is similar. It monitors all the messages in the network card and compares them with the content set by the software itself. Limited by the processing capabilities of the software itself, this type of software generally only filters the TCP protocol, and does not filter the UDP, ICMP, ARP and other messages used by a large number of games and video applications in Internet cafes.

2, in front of key equipment Add firewall

key equipment A firewall is installed in the front to filter DDoS attacks initiated by the intranet PC to key devices. This method installs a hardware firewall in front of each core network device such as core switches, routers, and servers. The overall cost of protection is too high, making this solution impossible Comprehensive protection of many key equipment in Internet cafes. At present, the overall throughput and protection capacity of firewalls of about 20,000-30,000 yuan is about 60M.

3, through a secure switch Filter all DDoS attacks in the network

Through the built-in hardware DDoS defense module of the switch, each port performs hardware-based filtering on the received DDoS attack packets. At the same time, the switch enables its own protocol protection while enabling DDoS attack defense to ensure that its CPU is not affected by DDoS packets.

There is one in a LAN If the machine is infected with a virus, if it is not disinfected and quarantined in time, other machines will soon be infected with the virus. Once the virus infects the entire machine, it will cut off the Internet to kill the virus, and invest a lot of manpower and material resources to check repeatedly; in the worst case, the system will be destroyed and the Internet cafe will be forced to close. Hope it helps you.

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