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Cannot access normally after installing mysql on ubuntu10.0.4server version_MySQL


After installing mysql on ubuntu, remote access cannot be performed normally. The reason is that mysql can only be accessed on the local machine by default;


1 、Vi /etc/mysql/my.cnf, find bind-address=, comment or modify it to bind-address=

2, grant all privileges on *.* to root@'%' identified by'password';

flush privileges;

Give the root user full privileges to the database. (Password is the password of the root user)

3. Restart the mysql service and enter in the terminal: service mysql restart

4. Execute netstat -an|grep 3306, if The following message shows that remote access is allowed

Reconnect to mysql remotely, you can connect normally; in step 2, you can also create an account, and then authorize it, you can also make it remote access;


1. The command to check whether mysql is installed under ubuntu:

netstat -tap|grep mysql, if there is no prompt message, it means it is not installed;

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