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VisualStudio2019 using LiveShare tutorial diagram

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I updated Visual Studio 2019 in the morning and try it out

一 .Preface

Visual Studio 2019 was released today (Beijing time), this time it brings a more interesting Live Share function, which can be used for better collaboration Development. Main functions:

More For information, please see the official introduction:

•Visual Studio real-time sharing

•What is Visual Studio Live Share?

II. Visual Studio Code precautions

Live Share can be used on Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code.

You need to install extensions to use in Visual Studio Code:

After the installation is complete, perform session management here:

3. How to use

1. Create and join a session


(1) Visual Studio 2019

For Visual Studio 2019, you can directly click Live Share in the upper right corner to create a session. After the creation is completed, the session link (other people join through the link) will be copied to the clip Board.

You can also use File- > Start Live Share Session to create a session

Visual Studio 2019 join the session through File -> Join Live Share Session

(2) Visual Studio Code

Open Live Share interface. Create a session through "Start a collaboration session" and join a session through "Join collaboration session"

2. Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code collaboration demonstration

This demonstration uses Visual Studio 2019 to create a session, and Visual Studio Code joins the session.

1. Use Visual Studio 2019 to create a project

2. Click "Live Share" in the upper right corner to create a session

You will be prompted that the invitation link has been copied to the clipboard

3. Open Visual Studio Code and enter the session link

4. After the connection is successful, test the editing code

New file:

There are also debugging, IISExpress, etc. that will be shared, so let’s explore more functions.


The above is the introduction of Visual Studio 2019 by the editor to everyone using Live Share I hope this tutorial will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, and the editor will reply to you in time!

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